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    Trenbolone Dosage

    Ive got two bottles of QV Tren ... I was wondering (I've never done tren before), if it is possible to do it every 3rd day? Reasoning for this is I dont want to spend the money getting another bottle? Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction? Proper dosages etc... thanks for all of the help. What should I do/ mix it with? Ive got plenty'o'gear, whats a good stack?

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    Im running tren 65mgED and sust250 EOD. Everyone on the boards will tell you that you must run fina ED to get the least sides and the best results. I dont think that running it every three days will do much. YOu can get away with EOD.

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    50mg ed is the minimum anyone should take. If your up around 200 pounds 75mg is minimum

    Tren accetate (QV stuff) should be run everyday, every other day will do if you cant handle the shots. If you want to inject e3d get tren enth.

    Tren should be run a minimum of 6 weeks, most will tell you 8-10 however.

    Tren needs to be run with test, prop is the most popular since it is a ed or eod injection as well

    You need more gear

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