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    Need your help and knowledge bros??!!!

    I am thinking about taking cytomel to help lose some unwanted fat for the upcoming fourth of july. If I was to do this exactly how do I take it? I have 60 pills and they are each 30mcg. I have heard that if it is not taken right that you can totally f**k your thyroid gland and I want to avoid this, any help that you guys can afford me would be greatly appreciated. To let you know I am 6'3, 215 lbs., 14% body fat, training hard six days a week for a year and a half now, and I'm 21 yrs old.

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    sorry dude, i never heard tell of it but I amk gonna get on it and learn about it because I am interested in losing some fat as well, if i learn anyth9ing ill let you know

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    Do a search on t3, you'll get all the info you need

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