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    how much winny is too much?

    I am currently running 450mg/deca , 500mg/eq, and 500mg/enthanate per week. I'm also taking nolvadex for my estrogen blocker. This is the start of my second week. My source told me not run winny until my tenth week. Would it be a bad idea to start running it now through week 6 and then pick back up on week 10 or 11? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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    how many weeks are you running?

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    doesnt seem like you have too much knowlege of AS..And seems like a really high dose for a beginer too.. 90% of the bros here will tell you that you are wasting juice right now by stacking the deca with the Eq... Also to answer your question, I would not use winny now for a few weeks, then end with it..... If I was you, Id do 500mg test for 11weeks, 400mg eq for 10weeks.. And put winny in from weeks 7-13.. then start pct at end of week 13(once winny is stoped).. Thats a good cutter cycle for the summer.. If this is your first cycle, Then Id just do 400mg test for 10 weeks.. What are you gonna usse for pct?

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