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    Time to come off gear.. any thoughts

    well im on week 8 of my prop/eq cycle.. i decided im going to sell off the remainder of my stash.. and tone it down a bit in the gym... its too hard for me to keep up with with my job right now working like 70 hours a week... Bodybuilding has taught me alot about myself.. helped me out through some things along the way.and i will always try to keep myself lifting.. 2-3 times a week if possible. but for now its just pointless to use gear.. Thanks to everyone on the board who has helped me with all my questions and im sure iw ill pop around every now and then to stay educated and just to say hello..
    good luck to all ...

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    good luck to ya bro, workin sucks but the moneys great. I usually work like that over the winter and hit the gym enough to maintain, then I get laid off all summer so I can hit the gym like a madman. Hope everything goes well for ya

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    good luck man.

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    just make sure u take proper PCT and i feel ya about the work thing, its a biotch getting to the gym after working outside for 8-10 hours in the sun. But good luck to ya brother!

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