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    nicotine and gear

    hey bros, i have a question that has been on my mind for some time, does nicotine effect your body at all while your on gear? I know drinking does because its a catalyst and it is hard on your liver, so i dont drink. Im not talking about smoking either, like chewing or dipping. I only chew like once a weak or once every week or two, and can easily give it up because i am totally dedicated to my body. any advise is greatly appreciated.


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    Only in the same way it does already. Increased blood pressure and things like that. And increased blood pressure is a side of gear too. That's two things increasing your blood pressure.

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    Nicotine can raise your metabolism and that can be either positive or negative, depending on your goals. An aquaintance of mine used to wear the nicotine patch when he wanted to drop some pounds. I don't know if it's catabolic however.

    You should also be taking things other than nicotine into account. Even though you are not smoking the tobacco, there are still a ton of other chemicals that are being leeched into your system through your cheeks.

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    The chew will not affect you significantly at first. I have been chewing and training for over 12 years. However, now that I'm approaching 30yo the chew and juice combination is adversely affecting my bp. I am now on meds. I am at the point of choosing one over the other(not hard to figure out which one it will be). If you chew once or twice a week(or even day), I wouldn't be too worried.

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