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Thread: anti-e

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    ok, i really want to put on size taking 750 mgs of sus and 450 mgs of deca a week. want to take .25 mgs of liquidex and 10 mgs of nolva per day to avoid gyno , but do the anti-e's make you loose size, in other words is there anyone on the board who has taken them during a cycle and not grow? thanks for info.

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    some technically u will lose a little strength becuase of the lack of conversion to estrogen and the lack of water retention. both of those two contribute to strength gains. but on the other handle u will be harder and less puffy

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    Anti-e's are the only way to go. I don't think you'll notice a difference in gains. Also, take 200mg of vitamin b6 everyday so you don't get progestine gyno from the deca .

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    its been my experience that neither nolva or 'dex will hinder gains.

    that being said, we're all different. besides, even if you did lose a little size, it will be well worth that sacrifice to not have to wear a DD bra.........

    peace I4L

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    They have never hindered my gains...but I only usually take them when I'm on a break(pct).

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