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    Summer Cycle...please Critique!!!!

    what's up bro' last cycle i finished was anadrol 50mg ed, sus 1,000mg ew, deca 400mg ew, winny 50mg ed,'s been almost 6 months...kept most of my gains but noticed proper nutrition, dedication to the gym and adequate sleep, got me very strong naturally...thinking of putting some size on for here it is:
    wk 1-3 prop 100 mg ed
    wk 1-12 cyp 600 mg ew
    wk 4-8 igf 2x ed
    wk 6-12 tren 100 mg eod
    wk 10-16 winny 50 mg ed
    wk 12-16 igf 2x ed
    stats are: 23 yrs old..5'8"....180lbs...this will be my 4th cycle
    never did igf so i'm really looking forward to it.....i really just wanna put some quality muscle hardness on for rest of please critique and give any opinions....peace out

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    I would drop the winny, bump the tren up to 50 or 75 mg ed 1-8 or 4-12

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    rearrange it to:

    wk 1-3 prop 100 mg ed
    wk 1-12 cyp 600 mg ew
    wk 4-8 igf 2x ed
    wk 4-10 tren 50mg ed
    wk 10-15 winny 50 mg ed
    wk 12-16 igf 2x ed
    pct 3 weeks after last cyp shot

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    i would run prop as the test all the have to shoot ed anyway

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    The way Consistency rearranged things looks better and I also agree you should run the test all the way through. The best way to keep the mass and gains going is to maintain a steady high rate of Test. By the way, you will like the IGF, but be careful not to get too aggressive. It works dramatically but can come back and bite you if you are not careful. Good luck!!!

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