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Thread: Get Swole Cycle

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    Get Swole Cycle

    Hey guys ive been reading the boards for awhile lookin for an answer but havent come up with much.

    Im about 19, 5'10 160 lbs 12% bf, i used to be about 180 but i had to have surgery awhile back and lost most of my muscle and went down to about 135 140, but im back up to 160, im wanting to gain some pretty good size, my goal is 200 and 6% bf

    i have done an all winny cycle in the past but im about to start a new cycle 12 weeks that consists of deca and winny and nolvadex , how it is right now im thinking weeks 1-9 do 2 shots a week of deca and from weeks 6-12 the winstrol and hit it EOD and the nolva throughought the cycle , my question is i really want to add some size and i was thinking about adding in some sust somewhere for that xtra oomf and was wondering how much to add, where to add it and how much i could gain on this cycle, i eat 3 meals a day and have 3 protien shakes (56g each imbetween those meals and i eat low carb hi protien good stuff. is my goal attainable on this cycle?

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    Why the same thread twice:Get Swole Cycle

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    A) Too young. Test levels are already high at 19...

    B) At 160 and 5'10" you need to EAT, and eat properly...

    C) Why 2 threads?

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