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    Exclamation The rage from Parabolan & when did it kick in?

    Although Parabolan is no longer produced, except by Sarva GB under the name Hexabolon, I would like to know what it's half life is and when bbuilders who used it back in the day started to notice results.

    Second question is, since parabolan stays in the body for much longer than Finaplex- are the rage/irritability effects more pronounced than those of the acetate tren ?

    I'm asking this because I'm flipping out lately. Had some real bad mood episodes. Nearly commited suicide from extreme anger the other day.

    Tip to anyone who uses TRENBOLONE : Go to the gym as much as you can, and waste your energy there, because if you don't IMO as a user you'll take out your energy on someone else. I never beleived roid rage really existed until I tried tren.

    I've done cycles with test enanthate , sust, deca , winstrol , d-bol before and always felt a small high, but tren does the opposite beleive me.

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    i am using parabolan under the name danabolan from body research thailand. as for me i think i really started to feel the pumps from it about 3-3.5 weeks in. as for the mental aspect im not really sure. ive been on test p/tren /var for a month now and i have been not as happy and chipper as i normally am. but im not sure if that is from a seris of events that has recently happened to me, or the tren???? but those are some good questions i was wondering the same.

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