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    kidney's are an issue!!!!!!

    I'm on my third shot of sus and EQ and I just read about kidney problems and steroids . Can someone tell me if I have anything to worry about. I have been feeling some back pain, and was wondering if this was the problem.............OW ya I just did back yesterday and felt some pinch's when doing bent over rows. I was also doing hyper back extentions for the first time in a long time..... Maybe this is my issue. Maybe I pulled something.

    I might be over reacting, but better to be safe RIGHT! I have been doing creatine, milk thistle, and multi Vitamin........... I piss all the time, and drink a huge amount of water... I have no problems pissing, but it is as yellow as hell (Vitamins).

    What do you guys think.

    First cycle also...........


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    Kidneys are probably fine but just be safe about things.

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    Bro sounds like you should be fine just keep up water intake ( 1 1/2 - 2 gallons a day )

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    go get a blood test if you are will tell you if your kidneys are under too much stress...

    drink lots of water bro

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    1. If you had kidney problems along with lower back pain you would have one or more of the following: blood in urine, inability to urinate, urgency to urinate, pain running from the back down to the groin, elevated blood pressure, elevated creatinine levels, elevated BUN levels.

    2. Creatine is worse on the kidneys than Sustanon or EQ.

    3. Watch for placebo effects. If you think your kidneys are messed up you will have lower back pains however, don't ignore symptoms. A simple blood test will reveal your answer.

    4. If you have to know to have piece of mind go to your doctor say you "think" you saw blood in your urine, he will probaly take a urine sample to check for blood, and may send you for blood labs.

    5. VERY GLAD to see you are concerned for your health. Don't make yourself crazy though.

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    nice post Lozgod

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    Im going through the same thing right now, this pass weekend I notice some back pain, I thought nothing of it since I was working and doing a lot over the weekend then on Tuesday I noticed my urine was darker then normal and little bits of blood like 2 pieces (looked like small blood worms) trinkled out real tiny, I didn't have pain pissing but my back was murder, so kept drinking a lot of water more than I usaully do trying to flush this out, I also drank cranbury juice because I heard it really does a good kidney flush. I was taking. I was taking qv50 winny (orally) everyday, and qv trembolona 1 1/2 cc everyother day, I totally stopped it since Im not sure what might of caused this. On top of this small stack I was taking my vitamins, mega man, vit e, glucoosamine, glutamine, as well as muscle milk protein. Right now as IM typing this the pain has subsided only because I took to excedrine and it pretty much stopped the pain which is a relief. I took a piss a little while ago and didn't seem as dark as yesterday, my question is will I be ok, has anyone gone through something like this before? Thanks for you help in advance.

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