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    cardio after working out???

    what is the most time you should go after working out before making a shake or eating? Ive been doing cardio for 30-40 minutes after I work out, and I know im in a catabolic state after a certain amount of time of not eating after working out....thanks for the help bros
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    i have heard you should eat the bulk of your carbs after you workout within 2 - 3 hours...

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    have your pwo shake within 15 minutes after your workout. your body is in a very critical state and you wanna feed it immediately with fast acting carbs, protein.

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    immediately, NLT, 30 min, you need to wip the cortizone in the butt!!

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    there is a big misconecption and this subject is still beeing debated to this day.

    your body starts breaking down muscle AS SOON as your done with your first set. the carbs you ate earlier in the day, are the first to go, after your carbs are depleted, then it goes after fats and protein(just a quick tip for dieting, YES it takes fat to burn fat).

    i always, take in some gatorade about 5 minutes till im done lifting, then about 10 minutes after im done lifting on the drive home, i mix more gatorade with about 50 grams of protein. this ensures protein absorbtion, and the resoration of electrolytes. its also important to know that, if you DONT take in simple carbs AS SOON as your done lifting, the next time you go to lift, you will have jack **** for energy.

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