Hello all

I have been a member of this board for quite some time and have gained great knowledge from you all. I don't post often because many of my questions have already been answered. I do have one question in regards to my mid cycle advancement.

First the stats:

Age 37
Height 5-9
Weight 268
BF% Don't know but can see abs....I'm not fat
Lifting experience 16 years
Cycle experience First.....although did four week of M1T and 4AD

First cycle is comprised of:

500mg Test-E Week
400mg EQ Week
10MG nolva
.25mg Ldex
All compunds homebrew
PCT Nolva, clomid, Have HGC for Weeks between last shot and Clomid if need be.

When I started this cycle I Was concerned about putting on too much weight as I was already 260 at the time. Withing the first few weeks I put on ten pounds and was up to 272 or so. My strengh was ok, and I wasn't bloating much if at all. Week ten will be starting Monday and here is my situation.

I have not gorged myself with food, but have stayed clean for the most part. I have not bloated much at all, just a little around the ankles. I have acne, but not bad, and my BP at last check was 118/60. Testicle shrinkage is slight. I do get night sweats, and my strengh has gone up slowly but noticably. My weight has actually decreased in the last few weeks. My muscles have become much harder, and my wife says I look bigger. (Wish I had taken before and after pics) although I don't think so. From the beginning libido has been good, but not through the roof or anything. About the same as before cycle.

My question is this.......I have read countless posts on dramatic changes, strengh increases, and/or side effects. This whole cycle I have not noticed anything dramatic at all. Yes...the gains have been more pronounced than if I had not done a cycle, but nothing I could say wow over. I realize I didn't eat like a monster, but I still ate VERY well. Might this be occuring because of my age and/or experience. I know everbody is different but I'm wondering if my age has a dumbing down effect of these compounds. I'll be running this another six weeks while adding Anavar next week to try and spike a strengh increase.

I'm certainly not dissapointed with this cycle. I'm just thinking my age and weight might dictate different dosages in the future.

Thank you for any help