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    TWO THYROID Questions- Proper diet and Soda?

    My questions are

    1. When there is a struggling thyroid people suggest to eat "super clean", i dont know wheteher this means to limit bad food or to make sure your getting enough good foods?

    2. I'm wondering if drinking too much DIET soda can havre a negative effect on your thyroid, I'm saying this becasuse my BBT's fluctuate quite a bit daily when i dont change my diet or sleep patterns, and im wondering if the amount of diet soda i drink on those days can be causing this?

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    by eating clen it means eating good food and limiting bad food

    as to the diet soda, i dont know about it in relation to thyroid but i cant imagine it helping...i just avoid junk like soda

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    As for me, soda is junk

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    anyone else? maybe mallet....

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