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Thread: which one?

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    which one?

    Some of you might remember that my original goal for my upcomming cycle was to gain 15 lbs and drop some bodyfat. Well, I've worked everyday from 6-7 am to 1-2 am for the last 3 weeks. I took clen one week and hydroxycut the other 2. I got lean as hell. I was 195 lbs and 8% or so bodyfat, and now I am 185 and at least a few % lower.

    So my new goal is just to gain about 10-15 lbs of lean muscle and keep the bodyfat where it is. I don't want to use a lot of gear because it is only going to be my second cycle. Here are the options I've been tossing around (just a reminder that I gained 25 lbs with my first cycle of deca only.)

    1. Deca wk 1-8 @ 400 mg a week
    Var wk 4-11 @ 40 mg a day
    Start clomid wk 11

    2. Eq wk 1-8 @ 450 mg a week
    ""everything else the same as #1

    3. Var only at 50-60mg ed for 8 weeks.

    4. Other recomendations (P.S. no winny or fina)

    Please cast a vote and tell me why you picked it! Cheers

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    nice choices,

    I'd say Eq or deca at 400mgs week 1-8
    and I'd bump the anavar to 50mgs/day for week 4-11
    clomd 3 days after

    you could also through in test, a lot people recommend it.

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    hey tyler,,how much deca did you do? The reason I ask is alot of people say on here if you do just deca alone you wont gain to much so you should stack. I want to do deca myself. did you clomid after?

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