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    i know this is kinda a broad question.. but QFS gear can/could be faked by any re-seller/rep so why do people say it is such a reliable UG Lab..?

    Like what are the chances that your Deca is fake.. or more likely that your QFS Nabolin capsules are just a filler with no Dianabol in them...

    just a thought... inputs would be greatly appreciated. cheers lads

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    To my vast knowledge of UG labs, I have yet to see/hear about a faked UG lab product.

    1) Products are already cheap money wise.
    2) UG labs are not as popular as human grade.

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    Well did britishbodybuilder, britishbodybuilder1986,BBB1986 etc. make it back on the boards for a 4th or 5th time....

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    UG labs are there for business. If they were in the business of selling fakes or scamming people chances are that someone who's been burned by them would be flammin' 'em all over the boards. These labs are here to make money and yeah, some will try to fu*k you. That's why you get refrences before you purchase.

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    Then don't buy from a re-seller, buy from the lab itself...

    99% of the time reps are safe bets if they have ref's but depends how paranoid you are I guess.

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