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    Meridia, what is it?

    LiquiMerid (Meridia) is coming out soon from AG. Was wondering what exactly it is, how it can be run, etc. Possibly for cutting?

    "MERIDIA is a prescription medication that's used along with a reduced-calorie diet to help people lose weight and keep it off. MERIDIA works by acting on the appetite control centers in the brain."
    -Taken off the meridia website.

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    Me·rid·i·a ( P ) Pronunciation Key (m-rd-)

    A trademark used for the drug sibutrimine.

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    Cant find much on the subject inside the bodybuilding world. So I cant say its a bad thing, but not widely used amongst the average bodybuilder. However, meridia is an anoretic and being so, it may not serve the purposes of the bodybuilder considering we need to be hungry enough to keep our calorie intake moderately high even while cutting. Nonetheless, if one can make the time to eat, hungry or not, when necessary on this drug then Meridia could potentially be useful as a cutting tool IMO. However, I have no recommendations on taking this drug. Maybe one of the docs on the forum could help you out better.

    Something is better than nothing so here you go:

    Found one thread worth reading.

    and an in depth profile:

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    I've used Meridia and didn't like it very much. Although it worked ok, it made my blood pressure shoot up and it made me so dam'n sleepy that all I wanted to do was nap all the time.

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