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    cycle & workout scedule critique please...

    5'8 ..225lbs .. 20%BF

    i will be training 4 days a week.
    cardio everyday 45min in the morning.
    monday - chest/tri's
    tues - legs/abs
    wed - shoulders
    thurs - off
    friday - back/Bi's
    sat - off
    sun - cheat day.

    prop 100mgs ED weeks 1-12
    eq 400mgs EW weeks 1-12
    winny 50mg ED weeks 8-12
    cynomel 25mcg's ED week 1-12 (will this help me in anyway?)
    nolva ED 10mg weeks 1-12
    b-12 1ml 1000mcgs ED w/prop shot.
    clomid PCT

    i would add tren to this cycle but im too sensitive to it.

    i will be bridging with anavar for sure maybe primo when i finish this cycle and start a similar cycle 4 weeks after to cut some more. what does everyone think???

    my diet will stay the same for now but when i start this cycle in sept, i will be utilizing swolegenix at ********.com so i make no errors in the most important part of this cycle which is diet.

    let me know what you guys think and thank you for any help.

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    it looks good, cardio's in check cycle needs to be changed

    umm, run the test to week 13 and eq to 12

    or just shorten eq to 11 (run test longest basically) winny is fine

    cytomel (T3) 25mcg a day for 12 wks? i think you should do some reading and have a look at a 20day T3 cycle, 25mcg everyday for 12 wks is a bade way of using cytomel

    bridging with var, thatd work, but var is expensive, you could use some dbol at a low dose, much cheaper

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