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Thread: testosterone

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    hey guys

    sorry to ask such a stupid question, but i canr find the info i am after:

    i was wondering, what is:

    Testosterone Base
    Testosterone Decanoate
    Testosterone Isocaproate
    Testosterone Phenylpropionate
    Testosterone Undecanoate

    i see them on a list along with test e/c/prop
    i presumed base was test with no esther attached?

    but what about Iso/Dec/Phenyl and Undec

    what are they used for? ive never heard of anyone using them

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    I only have info on Undecanoate -


    Other names: Androxon, Undestor and Restinsol

    Promotes rapid strength and weight gains like other testosterones. It also promotes storage of glycogen and ATP (Andenosine Triphosphate), the fuel used by muscles to move.

    Aromatisation minimal.

    Common Dose: 200mg ED

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    They are esters that control the release of the parent hormone (in this case testosterone ). They very in length/weight...

    Rather than reinventing the wheel here - read this by Bill Roberts

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