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Thread: winny cycle

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    Question winny cycle

    hey!anyone i need help..i have just finished my 1 winny cycle and went 5weeks which i have been finished for almost 3weeks now and i will start again inabout 2weeks again using no2 and also using m1-t with my winny and my 1st cycke i did 1st weej 1cc,2nd week 2 cc and 3week 3cc and 4week 2cc and last week i did 1cc,so should i start at a higher cc this time or just start at 1 cc again or how should i go about it?

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    how were the results of that cycle?

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    first, take some more time off before you hop on again.

    second, throw in test prop at 50mg/ED alongside your 50mg/ED winny regiment and you will like the results.

    you shouldn't taper up with the winny as the halflife is so short, so you want to use 1cc per day for 42 days here.

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    ditto, don't taper your dosages and get some test, plus clomid n such for your PCT

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