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    Retin A for Stretch marks.

    I Was researching Retin-A for Acne treatment and I came across this article. I know alot of us of BBrs have stretch marks, so I thought this article might be of slight interest to the AR community.

    Title: RETIN-A CAN MAKE STRETCH MARKS DISAPPEAR , Modern Medicine, 00268070, Sep96, Vol. 64, Issue 9
    Database: Academic Search Premier

    Section: abstracts: DERMATOLOGY

    Tretinoin (Retin-A) is effective in dissipating stretch marks, say the authors of this small double-blind, randomized study from the University of Michigan.

    Twenty-two patients who had stretch marks, most of them caused by either pregnancy or obesity, applied either tretinoin or a placebo cream to the affected areas for 6 months. Eight of the 10 patients who received tretinoin had a reduction in stretch marks; 4 of them had a marked reduction. In contrast, only 1 placebo control showed any improvement.

    Local reactions, mainly erythema and scaling accompanied by itching or burning, were experienced by 5 of the original 11 patients in the tretinoin group and none of the control group. The 1 patient who dropped out of the tretinoin group did so after 3 months because of intolerable itching. In the remaining cases, side effects responded to emollients, a reduction in the amount of cream, or suspension of treatment for 1 to 3 days. The side effects were not evident during post-therapy visits.

    These results support the authors' hypothesis that if tretinoin can restore collagen formation to sun-damaged skin, it might have a similar effect on stretch marks. They point out that for this therapy to work, it should probably be started during the active stage of formation, before the scarring process sets in.

    Kang S, Kim KJ, Griffiths CEM, et al. Topical tretinoin (retinoic acid) improves early stretch marks. Arch Derrnatol (May) 1996;132:519-26.

    PHOTO (COLOR): After they deliver, some women will find that topical tretinoin reduces their stretch marks markedly

    Here's the abstract from the Archives of Dermatology, but unfortunately the archives does not have the full text.

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