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    adding cyp to a sust cycle

    anyone ever switched from sust to cyp mid cycle? im not planning to do this. i was having a conversation today and was eager to get some other opinions.
    im thinking if cyp is added at about the 5 week mark to replace sust then the cyp should kick in almost straight up as the long acting esters from the sust have increased your levels by this time right? and the use of a single long acting ester with less frequent injections would be more beneficial anyway really correct?
    i guess this also points to the fact that these short acting esters are nearly totaly waisted in the intitial 5 weeks even if they are shot EOD or ED so your really just waiting for your long acting esters to start kicking to make use of the short acting esters ontop of them as they dont make a difference by themselves?

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    A lot of the sust I've seen already has cyp in it. If I would switch to anything it would be prop...

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    I am in the same boat as you, going to switch from sust to prop mid cycle,,,so i will BUMP this to see if anyone else has any experiences in doing this...IMO test is test though so i see no problem

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