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    this is my cycle any sugestions???

    my goals are to slim right down,tone and cutt right up,not put much to any gaines on,and drope a couple of pounds.can sombody give me some clues to witch would be the best combo for what i need(and remember i would be doing a lot of cardio leading up to taking these during and after). *first 2 weeks

    what you guys think about this cycle for what my goals are???
    clen /t3
    *week 3-4
    *week 5-6

    (the t3 will be taken at *week1:50mcg,week2:75mcg,week5:100mcg,week6:75mcg,
    the clen will be taken acording to how my body reacts to it(my limit of shakieness and stuff)
    tell me what you guys think and give me some pointers.
    remember though my goals are not to put any gains on if anything lose a little,and to slim down,cutt up,and be a little lighter..
    thanks guys .steve
    p.s. would some creatine or another supliment do some good on the weeks were i'm taking the clen and t3??????

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    Feb 2002
    i am going to follow up with a primo stack/clen or some other cutting substance stack.
    how long should i wait after finishing my 1st cycle should i start the primo stack???

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