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    Anyone been to Cancun

    Anyone been to Cancun? Are the gifts expensive there? Has anyone bothered to mail their gifts home to loved one's, instead of the hassle of packing them with your luggage. Im going in April and was wondering about my other loyal bro's experiences.
    Any knowledge would be helpful.

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    i was there last year,they didnt realy have that much shit.they had alot of sten the shitty primo that they wannted too much money for,and a lot of clen ,clomid and and your other anti es.i stocked up ano clomid anties and clen .thats pretty much it.

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    Never been to cancun,But i just went to T.j/rosito beach this past weekend i saw plenty of fakes as well as some good gear,,you got to just watch it. I was really just looking for sust 250 and d bol...The sus250 was about $9-12.50 and the refvt B was about $75-80 i walked across the border. I did not bring anything back though....Good luck in Cancun!!!

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    The prices in Cancun are very high. I don't think its worth the trouble.

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