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Thread: Cycle dosage

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    Cycle dosage

    Finished my bulking cycle a month ago
    Deca 400 mg/week
    Test Et 500mg/week
    and dbols...for the first 4 weeks to kick it off.

    I was able to maintain 12 lbs, which I find pretty good.
    Planning next one for late september.
    I'm going on a bulker again, same cycle. but I'm not sure if I should increase any dosages ?
    If I repeat the same can I get the good results ?

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    you should probably be able to get good results again, probably not as good, but still good. Was that bulker your first cycle?

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    you should get good gains from this . but you would get better gains if you increase the deca by 200mgs and the test by 250mgs and you could also run it for 15 weeks

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    600mg test 500mg deca 35mg dbols
    run it for 12 wks dbols first 4 wks you should gain nice size if you eat good
    diet is more important than how much juice u take

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    Increase both like juice said. That is the same cycle I will be running this Sept as well , 600mg test, 500mg deca

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    This is my 2nd cycle...First one a year ago....sust250 only.
    This time I'm going for 12 weeks, last cycle I stopped at week 9.

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    umm should you up the dosages ..I dont think anyone here can really answer that question with any degree of certainty bro..I myself would eddit my post to include
    age, weight before this cycle ,bodyfat before and after, calorie intake, training history
    what kind of products ie. what brand test and deca
    I mean 500mg of brovel test is definitly not equal to human grade test..
    and youi dont even mention what pct you ran...

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    12 pounds is good but i think on your first cycle there could have been more size to gain. Id suggest tweaking your diet by upping calories and protien. Double check your training. then run the same cycle again. After that if the results are the same or less bump the dosage up.

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