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    Clen Dosages and Cycling

    What would be the best way to use clen (Ventipulmin)? I've used it years ago and remember having good results off of it. Its just been so long that I can't remember how I cycled it. I'm 195 and sitting at about 13%bf. I'm not using anything else with it, so my goals are to burn the optimum amount of fat while not sacrificing too much muscle.


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    no more than 3 weeks with 8-10 weeks breaks. you as much as you can comfortably tolerate. its wise to stack taurine with it to prevent the inevitable cramping.

    some people stack thermorexin with it to keep energy levels up.

    during the interim periods other fat burners can be used, which should be rotated for better results. ie ephedra free (like thermorexin), ECA or ECY or ECAY, and NYC (though this is not widely available anymore)

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