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    Need doctors advice please!!!

    I just got back from getting my blood test results and found out that I have extremely high cholesterol, the doctor I went to told me she thinks its directly linked to the steroid use as my diet is pretty clean and I have no history of cholesterol i n my family. Her recommendation was to stop using them altogether, however she is only a GP and even said herself "I am no expert on anabolic steroids and their side effects". I don't mean to undermine her opinion but I wouldn't mind getting the opinion of a doctor that has researched into & has a high interest in anabolics steroids and I know there are a few doctors on this forum that may be able to give me some knowledgable advice. Like I said my diet is clean consisting mainly of lean meats and clean carbs, I am 24 years of age and I finished my last cycle of test and deca 6 weeks ago.

    So my questions are:- Can AS's really have direct effect on cholesterol levels? If so would they still effect cholesterol 6 weeks after discontinuance of use? and would cardio training help to lower cholesterol levels whilst cycling?

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    I am not a doctor

    but have had high cholesterol as well (the 264 range).

    Change your diet first and foremost... as in leaner cuts of meat and lots of high fiber vegetables (Oat meal is also a given).

    Secondly... Lipitor really does work wonders.

    As for AA's... yes some of them do raise cholesterol levels.

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    on the dip rack.
    cholesterol is the base for all steroids .

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    Most AAS will raise LDL.
    Eating clean is great....add some oats in there too. cardio.
    Policosanol is very good for increasing HDL and lowering LDL....nolva too has this same effect

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