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    Exclamation Really important read...

    Okay I just wanted to say thanks you to everyone here that put me in my place... I first came here stupidly looking for a source to buy anything I could inject in the past month I have been here I have learned a hellova lot not only about AAS but how the system works I have great respect for the MODS and VETS and even those members that helped me figure out what to do and how to do it.... this is not the end I still have a sh*t load more to learn... I have put together a great work out regiment and a good first bulking cycle it has been aproved by many members which came a long way from pyramiding Test and just using dbol & Eq... Just felt I had to get this out there I know this is the wrong forum but everyone that has helped me comes here not AR Lounge and stuff so I posted here I hope you dont mind....

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    Its good to see that you've started researching on your own now instead of asking questions that have been asked a million times............Good luck on your upcoming cycle bro.

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    I am glad to see that one newbie has realized the potential of this board and all it has to offer. Good luck with your training

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    In all honesty, you would have seen some good gains off of Dbol and that a "good' cycle? not really, but you'd have seen gains, and then you could have been one of those guys that feels compelled to tout the benefits of a Dbol/EQ cycle, because, "I saw great gains", but relative to what? Natural? I'm really off on a tangent here, but my point is that you'll see gains with about any cycle you can throw together....some cycles will have a higher potential for sides (although that doesn't mean you'll necessarily experience these sides). The goal is to use the compounds that'll best allow you to achieve your goals and best utilize the time invested (so, tapering and short cycles with long-estered gear is out the window).

    It appears that you've realized that there is a reason that people seem to be saying the same things over and over on the board....because they work.

    the more you learn, the more you realize how much you still don't know. The deeper your understanding of things, the better position you're in to ask questions that wouldn't have even occurred to you initially. The goal is to have answers to all of those questions before you start a cycle, so that you're prepared to act accordingly.....there's a ton of cummulative experience on this board (and others), so take advantage of others' successes and failures so you can streamline your efforts and reap your gains in the most efficient ways possible.

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    This board is absolutely the best one I have messed with. The members and the articles really helped me get set for my first cycle. ROCK!
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