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    got a slightly different, but serious issue on BP and nosebleeds

    for some very odd reason, a few weeks ago, about a month after my first cycle clomid therapy, very very stupid of me, my nose started to bleed
    its been bleeding for the past 2 weeks, constantly, just 2 days ago, it has PAUSED, i see it rarely, but i KNOW its sitting there, and my nose will burst if i touch my nose in a ruff way

    i was at sams club about a week and a half ago, saw the BP monitor, so i sat bp was 152/74
    i freaked out, cuz it said 130 and lower was normal
    the last time i chcked before this was DURING my cycle(first one), the doctor did it , and it was 130/70 or 80, something like that, she was concerned, but she told me to just chill out, maybe i was upset, cuz i had gone to her wit a swollen, infected ankle
    well in the last week and a half i have been checkin my BP and its never gone below 130, lowest was i think 130, and it never went higher than 142, which was today, the average i wud say is my last cycle i gained 10-12 pounds, i look a lot bigger, so people say. i'm 5'11 and 200 pounds

    now, wat i need to know is that, why is it that AFTER the cycle, my BP went up, and the nosebleeds restarted(i had them while i was using winny in my last cycle)
    i am checkin out my cholesterol tomorow, i got this hometest kit, and i will post the results. my cholesterol may make a big contribution, cuz i eat MAINLY fastfood, my parents work full time, and i dont know hwo to cook, so the rare times..bout 4 tiems a week that i do have access to homefood, i eat it, otherwise its wendys and BK, etc.
    i have made a resolution to quit the junk food and keep my meals very healthy, yet keeping high protien and other nutritional intakes.

    what other posibilities could it be, ne experiences people?
    any suggestions on wat supplements i can take, that are bound to work, wat about asprin, shud i take taht? and if so, how much?

    please dont stop at my high cholesterol problem and resolution, give me some more info i can use to fight this off

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    First thing is one reading is not enough to tell the tale. Second you can get some seriously screwed up readings with those shitty monitors at the stores there too damn small. However the nosebleed problem is something you outta go checked out with a doctor. If you take the aspirin it'll make it harder for the blood to clot with the nosebleeds. I would say get checked by a doc, if its that bad. What was your cycle?

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    Cool First step: Chill out, bro!

    Well, Mr. LuCiFa (may I call you, um, Lu?), you are having some justified anxiety because of your nose bleeds. This, combined with your B/P readings, is obviously causing some stress, so the first thing you should try doing is dumping the stress. It will make a difference, especially with regard to your blood pressure.

    The first thing that may help you is a realization that a systolic (top) B/P reading in the 130's is not outrageously high. In fact, it's technically not high at all, it's simply "high normal."

    The systolic (top) number of your blood pressure is graded in six steps. Below 130 is normal, 130-139 is high normal, 140-159 is Stage 1 (Mild) Hypertension, 160-179 is Stage 2 (Moderate) Hypertension, 180-209 is Stage 3 (Severe) Hypertension, and 210 or higher Stage 4 (Vere Severe) Hypertension. When you are in the 130's - and yes, even the 140's, there's no indication for medical treatment - you will simply be advised to reduce weight and reduce stress.

    As for the cholesterol test, I have never done a home cholesterol test, and cannot comment on the value of them. However, if this is simply a test that gives a single reading (as in, "Hi, there! Your cholesterol is 150! Have a nice day!"), it's worthless.

    The normal clinical cholesterol test is called a Lipid Panel, and actually consists of five separate tests: Total cholesterol, triglycerides, high density lipoproteins (HDL, the "good" cholesterol), low density lipoproteins (LDL, the "bad" cholesterol), and a total cholesterol-to-HDL ratio.

    In other words, your total number is important, but it is meaningless without knowing how you stand in terms of your HDL and LDL numbers (both of which can be impacted by AS use). My advice - skip the home hoopla and get the real test through your doctor's office. It's worth it.

    Now, back to the blood pressure for a moment . . . When you sat down at Sam's Club and used their handy-dandy-stick-your-arm-through-the-slot machine, you were moving around, shopping, and having a good ol' time. Which means that you may have gotten a high reading because of the activity.

    When your blood pressure is taken at a doctor's office, it is after you have been sitting for five or ten minutes. Why? Because an accurate general blood pressure is taken at rest. In short, your reading at Sam's Club was "environmentally skewed." The key question is, what would it have been at your doctor's office? (And, in light of the 130/70-ish reading at the doc last time, when you were under stress because of your ankle, it sounds fairly normal.)

    So, am I saying that your B/P is actually normal? Nope - only a doctor can tell you that by taking a repeat reading at the office. But I am saying that there appears to be nothing worrisome going on.

    Finally, what about the nose bleeds? That's something that could be related to a high B/P situation but, once again, you do not appear to have outrageously high B/P. Could be a post-cycle effect, and could be stress. But there's only one person that can tell you the cause and prescribe a treatment )you know where I'm going with this, right?). So get back to your doctor and ask her.

    As for the aspirin, I wouldn't recommend it. Remember, aspirin is an anti-coagulant. If you are prone to bleeding at this point, aspirin could make the nosebleeds worse, not better. But again, you need your doctor's opinion, not mine, and not anyone else's here. The important thing is that you not try to practice "amateur medicine" with regard to the nosebleeds, the B/P, or the cholesterol. You obviously have a doctor who is at least halfway competent - make use of her expertise to the max.

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    Good post TNT

    Just a different angle on this I suffered from severe nose bleeds for many years right from a kid and it was never caused by high B/P.

    The more the nose bleeds the weaker the walls become just the same way as if you cut yourself on a joint say the finger everytime you bend it it splits the wound open and it bleeds.Well the nose works the same way after a nose bleed the vessels repair themselves but if you continue to have nose bleeds these become weaker,which was my problem.

    I agree with TNT worrying about it will increase your anxiety and may cause futher nose bleeds.Get you b,p checked out again.My dr used to advise me to let the nose bleed freely for 2 mins whilst placing ice on the bridge of the nose as this helps contract the vessels and normally the bleeding will decrease.

    Get it checked out and as TNT said avoid asprin as it makes the blood thinner thats why people suffering from heart attacks are given asprin

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    thyanx TNT, i had done a search on BP, and i read all ur replies, and i was hoping u wud reply back

    i will get it checkd out with the doc
    as for the nosebleeds, i've had them at moer than normal rates since i was a kid, WAYYYYYYY before AS ever came into picture, only thing is, i never had it checkd out with a doc, as it wud hapen wen i wud get HOT, or eat "warm" foods(as my mom put it) like eggs
    and i had them while i was on my last cycle 500mgsus, 50mged winny, and 200mgEQ
    i was thinkin winny caused it, but now i'm hearing its the AS that makes u was it sus? i'm confused about that now

    the nose bleeds havnt happend in 4 days, which is amazing, cuz they used to happen atleast 5-6 times a day. i'm hoping things have returned to normal...i always hesitate to go to the doctor, i dont have insurance, plus, i have been to the doc's office about 2-3 tiems in the last 10 years, no exageration...
    i'm gnona do some more cardio, as my next cycle is a cutting(which will raise the BP) hopefully that will bring some things back to normal POST cycle.
    thanx for the response guys

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