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Thread: cutting cycle?

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    cutting cycle?

    STATS = 192 lbs. 5"10-5"11

    I am looking to cut up and get hard, I would also like to gain 4-5 lbs (if possible) or just keep my weight and be hard and cut. Is this a good cycle?

    products = testopin (200 mg per shot)
    boldenon (equi-gan, some vet company not qv)
    yellow cap deca 200mg/shot
    tiromel t3

    wk1-10=deca 400mg week (200mg 2x week) or Eq 400mg per week
    wk1-10=prop 400mg week (200mg 3x week)
    wk1-12 clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,8,7,6,5,4,3,2
    wk1-5=t3 50mcg/day wk1, 100mg/day wk2, 100mg/day wk3, 50mg/day wk4,
    25mg/day wk5

    Should I take the deca or eq? Any suggestions?

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    if youre looking to cut up run the Eq... and you need to run test a week longer then the deca or eq

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    what would be the difference if i took deca or eq?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hammerino
    what would be the difference if i took deca or eq?
    Eq is less supressive plus the gains are a lot leaner. Hardly any water retention at all. If trying to cut up, definately opt for the eq over deca IMO. eq/winny/test prop rocks

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    1-15 prop 150 mg EOD --> 75mg ED will be best for blood levels
    1-12 EQ 250mg 2x Wk --> or divide doses accordingly, mix with prop, and shoot
    Nolva 10mg ED
    Ldex .25mg ED

    Pheedno's or Mudman's PCT 3 days after last prop shot.

    Dont run the clen and T3 unless you know what your doing. Read the clen handbook and use supps properly. Taurine, Potassium...etc.

    Run prop 21 days past the EQ or Deca because prop has a very short half life in comparison with EQ and this will ensure the esters will clear at the same time.

    EQ is ran usually for 12wks or more for optimum results. EQ can be shot once a week; however, it is better for blood levels to just mix with prop and shoot. Plus, mixing with prop will take some away some of the sting from the prop shot.

    Good Luck Bro.
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