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    bringing clomid and clen through the airport

    hey guys quick question i just finished a 10 week cycle of 500 sust and 400 deca ...however i will be leaving the country and i can't do pct unless i bring the clomid and some clen as well onto the would you reccomend i bring them onto the plane onto singapore? clomid and clen pills look like white aspirin pills so i was wondering i shoudl buy two aspirin bottles and out them in there? or would u guys have better suggestions? thnxs

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    Definitely use a vitamin or supplement bottle, I've done this before. Dont try to hide it!!! But my best piece of advice to you is to use something other than an aspirin bottle. People are just more familiar with aspirin, I would use a melatonin bottle. If the dumb airport people open it, they wont know what the hell is.

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