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Thread: QV prop

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    pinpusher469 is offline New Member
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    Apr 2004

    QV prop

    last nigh i took a mix shot of qv eth 1 1/2 mls and a 100 mg shot of qy prop...this was the first time i evr used qv priop and my ass hurts soooooo much, is this normal for prop or could it be infected

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    MikeyZ23 is offline Associate Member
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    Jun 2004
    Prop can be painful for a day or 2 after you shoot it. I tried QV prop and was sore for about 2 days when I was alternating shoulders.... quit after like 2 weeks though.

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    KeyMastur is offline VET
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    Sep 2001
    rumor has it that QV prop hurts like a bitch...

    live with it or get some new prop

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    Clarkk is offline Junior Member
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    May 2004

    QV propionate seems to affect people in different ways. Some really don't get any pain. I had pain for the first 12 shots. EOD. At times it was unbearable. Some have pain for a few days. Just keep going the results are great.

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