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    Best way to inject 600mg EQ, 500 Test E

    I have 50mg/ml Eq, not my first choice but it was the cheapest, also 200mg/ml Test E. Anyone have any recommendations, I was thinking 3ccs in each glute twice a week (ouch), while rotating the test twice a week in my quads. Then the next week moving the test to my delts and either going in my glutes or quads again with the eq, but im not sure about hitting a spot each week although there is a lot of quad to hit. Thanks for your help, Doc.

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    Sounds as good as anything you could do. Really this is a personal preference thing. No matter what you're gonna be sticking yourself a bunch and there will be pain..........much pain. Sorry but you know it yourself. I did the 50/mg/ml eq thing ONCE and only ONCE. Can't be much worse than prop ed, that's the worst.

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    50mg/ml EQ sucks ARSE
    I would never buy that crud(again)
    the volume and frequency of inj sucks
    I just sucked it up and inj 3cc at a time ED till I got to 500mg myself

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    Yeesh.... is there anyway you can sell it or trade it??? 50mg... thats a lot of oil to get you to 600mg!

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