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    Exclamation can't pin myself no more

    Hey need some serious help, i have been pinin for about 4.5 years,i just finished a cycle of prop and cyp,4 shots before finishing my skin has gotten so tight that its impossible to get the needle in,i have never in 4 years had a prob doing it my self now i need to get a buddy to do it cause i start sweat and i it really @*!$ing in the 3rd week of a new cycle and im tired of not being able to do it myself....any suggestions at all would really help

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    I have the same problem after years of injecting and i also have alot of
    scar tissue built up in my favorite injections sites... only thing you can do
    is maybe try hitting some new sites you haven't hit alot in the past... time
    to really start to study up on spot injections for all areas of your body
    bro... that's about the only thing that will make things easier...

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    Try out your legs, Prop sucks in the legs but give them a look over. Find a site injection website and go over it.

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    take a look u should be able ta work somethin out there
    good luck bro

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