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    I am the most gyno prone person in the history of the world...

    I cannot run test. I had to end a cycle at 6 weeks because of gyno before, all the while I had been running 10mg nolva, and .25mg ldex. The dosages were high enough, especially since I kickstarted with prop. So i decided a while back to run a SIMPLE as hell test prop cycle. I'm 8 days in to a 350mg (yes, that low) prop cycle, and I have nipple pain. I frontloaded nolva and ldex 10 days prior to my first prop inject. On day 6, I felt the same gyno symptoms. I upped the nolva to 80mg, and upped the ldex to .5mg. Three days later, I still have the tingling (and downright shots of pain) sometimes in my left nipple. Absolutely unbelievable. It just goes to show you some people really are more prone than others. Downright ridiculous. I guess I'll say goodbye to my penis if I ever want to cycle again.
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