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    gyno what should i look for????

    my outside of my pec's are sore but my nipples don't itch, what are some sure signs of this shit i have never had gyno and i have been taking AS for years, mabey i am sore from rubbing my nipples and worrying about it, thanks

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    You are. Don't rub them so much, you are over "thinking" this, hey I did the same. You'll know if you got symptoms, tingly-itchy-sore. Puffy really isn't a "symptom" as most people get puffy nipples from gaining weight/water retention saying puffing nipples is stretching the limits a little bit.

    You'll know...

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    like pp said youl know!burn and lumpy bumpys behind the nipps.

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    ...and leave them alone! stop rubbing them or you will drive yourself crazy

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