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Thread: is this enough

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    is this enough

    Hey guys, just have few more questions before i leap into the dark side

    I plan on taking 500 mg of omnadren per week for 12 weeks, with 35 mg of d-bol/ day for 4 weeks. This is my first cycle so is nolvldex going to be enough to combat the estrogen buildup alone or should i take liquidex with it. If i just take 20 mg of nolva a day what happens to the estrogen that then begins to free float in my system if it can't bond to the receptors? Should I start taking the nolva a week before my first pill/injection to level out my blood levels and if so how much. When do i start taking the liquidex? Also is 35 mg of d-bol/day to much for irst cycle?

    thanks bros

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    I'd save the orals for you 3rd or 4th cycle.


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