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    Cool searchin for that perfect cycle

    hows it goin boys, its been a while since ive been on here.
    im about 2 months out of my last cycle that looked like this......
    wk 1-4 test prop eod @ 150mg
    wk 1-14 test e mon/thurs @ 250 mg
    wk 12-16 test prop eod @ 150 mg
    pct 2 wks after last shot

    my post cycle stats: 195lbs, 12% bf, 5'8,

    my gains were decent but not that of which i was hoping....My next cycle id like to run with a test base, d-bol wk 1-4 for the bloat, and maybe some deca or tren ??? im up for suggestions. I just found that with my last cycle i got more strength gains then size. i gained aroubd 10 lbs. and yet my bench went from 250 1rm to 305 1rm!!! this cycle my main goal is strictly lean SIZE.....

    so if any of you boys have any suggestions im all ears

    thanx boys -peace

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    look for Mudman's sample cycles...good info in there on cycles and appropiate pct time..
    ..hope this is what you're looking for
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    for size, i'd definitely stick with deca over tren and use the dbol to jump start the cycle. You could also up your test to 750mg a week.

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