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Thread: depression

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    almost a month off of a test/deca cycle...and finishing up clomid (about 5 days left) hardly any acne and a few trails at night but the fukin depression is horrible (not suicidal or anything) have to drag myself to the gym.Now my question is I have not lost alot of my gains and the sex drive is pretty good but how long does the depression last? it seems like the only side effect i got pct

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    I believe (correct me if i am wrong) that steroids deplete seratonin levels in the brain which causes the depression. I guess you will just have to wait until they build back up. Sometimes it lasts for a long time. I started a thread about this awhile ago. Do a search and see what it says.

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    id get a cortisol. cortisol causes stress, which can cause depression. when your on steroids cortisol is blocked. when you come off, its smacks you in the face like a tun of bricks, causeing you to break down muscle, and feel stressed and lathargic. id try that and some coffee in the AM

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