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    Sus 250 & Thai Dbol Qn..

    I was just wondering if this cycle looks fine, some feedback from experienced members would be good,

    week 1-5: 30mg/day Pink Dbols Tabz
    week 1-10: 400ml Sus 250

    Nolvadex for emergency and Clomid for PCT.

    Im unsure on Clomid dosage tho?

    thanx for help

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    Bump your test dosage to 500mgs p/week. Dbol you can run for 1st 4 weeks, 5 weeks isnt really nessecery especially if this is your first cycle. Maybe take nolva @ 10mgs p/day all throughout your cycle, or you can just use it you feel the need to. Start using Clomid 18 days after your last sust shot, 300mgs 1st day, 100mgs days 2 - 11 and 50mgs days 12 - 30. When taking Clomid you can split your dosages all throughout the day like breakfast, lunch and dinnder, or you can take it all at once, good luck.

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    gotta it to gear. hes been on today. 400 is an aqward dose. best to shoot 500mg/week. the main thing is sust must be shot EOD because of the prop that is in it. keep the blood levels more stable

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