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    It's Time Once Again...

    Well fellas, here I go again. The gear is in. It's time to grow. My fall/winter cycle looks like this:
    Week 1-17: Test Enanthate @ 600mg/wk
    Week 1-16: EQ @ 500mg/wk
    Week 1-5: Liquid DBol @ 30mg/day
    Week 1-19: Liquid Nolva @ 10mg/day & LDex @ 0.25mg/day
    Week 20-24: Liquid Nolva @ 20mg/day & LDex @ 0.25mg/day
    Week 20-23: Liquid Clomid @ 100mg/day
    Test and EQ are Anabolic Pharms UG brand. The Liquid DBol, Nolva, Clomid, and LDex are all Hell-Fire UG brand. I plan on taking pre-pics and getting my bodyfat checked too, as well as body-size and strength measurements. After the cycle is finished I will post everything in the member's results section. Wish me luck everyone, I can't wait until monday! Peace all.

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    Cycle looks great......... Why not bump the EQ to 600mg w/ the test?

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    I was going to start my next cycle on monday too....but considering my excitement and impatience, looks like I'm starting of luck

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    MudMan, I figured I'd keep the test higher than the EQ like most people say. Do you think it would be more beneficial to run it at 600/wk. Anyone else have input on this?

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