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    How many people use B12 year round?

    Do allot of ya'll use B12 year round or just during cycle?

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    well i can tell you i used to, till i decided it really didnt do crap for me other than what eating red meat already was

    felt no difference really...

    EXCEPT when i was sick..then i used it and loved it

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    I am natural, having never cycled. But I think b12 injections are great. I used to work nights and was really tired when i woke up ofan afternoon. Started talking b12 injections at 1ml a time for 4 times a week and started jumping out of bed and feeling more energetic. Whether that was psychological or not I don;t know, but either way made a difference. Also my weights went up about 10kgs in all lifts.
    I would use it 1 month on 1 month off. Like anything its open to abuse I think.

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