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    clen bad for your heart?

    Guys i have yet to get this cleared up, IS CLEN BAD FOR YOUR HEART? I cut my first cycle in half becuaes at around day 10 i found out thats it can **** up your heart badly so i stopped it immediately, i was running 140mcg/day what are the chances of me getting heart problems later becuase of this? Thanks

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    I know you don't want to hear this, but IMO clen sucks period. Quality food, caloric deficiencies, and proper training are the best way to lose fat - not using stimulants.

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    It is really hitting your central nervous system, it def isnt good 4 u. Yeah diet good training like said previously is the way 2 go.

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    It felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest when I over dosed my dropper. I say take clen . It stripped my abs this summer, they look great. I did have a great diet and took t-3 with the clen though. I say take the clen, but the choice is up to you.

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    If I'm not mistaken, the reason its not been approved for use here in the states is because of the really long half life. It is used for asthma in other countries, because it is cheap. Here in the states they use Albuterol, and Salmuterol (Seravent)- I think that's what it is. The albuterol has a short half life so it is not as tough on your heart. Serevent is not nearly as strong of a stimulant. Clen sticks in you system going hardcore for like 8 hours i think. This puts a lot of strain on your heart, and the valves of your heart... So IMHO yes it is bad for your heart, but like anything use in mod, u should be fine. You can't take it everyday for the rest of your life. Cycle it like you would anything else.

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    it degenerates cardiac tissue. that alone will get me to never touch the stuff again.

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    jdawg got it right,but its more like 34hrs in your system...your heart is a muscle and just like all others it will grow and can become enlarged.clen has a habit of effecting the tissues of the enlarged heart is not a good thing,
    i have used clen many times,i swear by it for cutting.i have had no problems thus far

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    everyone is right....the half-life, sympathomimetic properties, and it's direct cardiac tissue necrotic effects all contribute to its bad effects on the heart and rest of the body.

    I'll let you know wednsdays after my appointment how bad it messed me up

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