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    broken arm forced end of cycle, recovering and ready to go again... or do i wait????

    have done 3 and half cycles to date.

    half was because on my last one i broke my arm and had to stop in week 6. was gutted. smashed my humorus in 8 pieces.

    i now have a metal rod down my arm with a 13inch scar to go with it.

    problem is i only been back in training for 6 weeks.

    am unsure if i should put a cycle together yet or wait a bit longer, maybe wait till my strength comes fully back. at moment am about 60% of the way there.

    if i do a cycle i will put together a 12-15 week bulking cycle.

    my last cycle was:
    wk 1 - 5 DBOL , 30mg/ed
    wk 1 - 12 testoviron , 500/ew (250mg every monday/thursday)
    wk 1 - 12 Deca , 400mg/wk (200mg every monday/thursday)
    wk 1 - 10 EQ 50mg/ed
    wk 1 - 14 nolvadex , 10mg/ed
    wk 1 - 14 proviron 50mg/ed

    would prob do something similer but minus the dbol and add anadrol

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    i'd wait another couple of months bro. seeing that the break was so serious some more recovery time is probably much needed

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    i agree, give yourself some time off and then hit it again. good luck bro

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    Heh, I broke L5 (the vertebrae) 25% compression fracture a while back. Took a total of 6 months off, and then went back at it. You'll be a little timid at first, just remember the biggest obstacle most people face when recovering from this type of injury is purely mental. I can say I've been lifting again for approx 1 year after a 6month break, and I am squatting in the neighborhood of 600lbs for reps. Just be prepared and take it easy when first returning. I started aas again after being back in the gym for about 2 months.... GL

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