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    Next cycle please look

    This is my plan for my next cycle. Im looking to gain pretty much mass, i was wondering, will winstrol give me a hard, vascular look if thrown in at the end of the cycle?

    1-12 500mg Test enthanate
    1-4 40mg dbol
    6-12 50mg ed winstrol.
    milk thistle not sure on mg?
    nolva and liquidex every day along with clomid therapy. My only problem is that my winny and dbol are both orals. Should i throw the dbol out and maybe get some prop to start it off or will i be ok.

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    8-13 for the winstrol (or use fina for 6-13)
    PCT to follow starting week 14

    1000 mg's ED on milk thistle

    you'll be ok with d-bol & winny both being orals

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    why not do a test e, tren , and EQ cycle. EQ will give vacularity, test e will give you mass, and tren would give you the strength and muscle hardness. Thats what i'm doing for my next cycle. everyone i've talked to sayed they loved this cycle. either way, good luck

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    ridin dirty
    well i think he has his cycle pretty much mapped out so i doubt hes gonna switch it up and go with eq and tren but yea bro, the cycle looks pretty good, just go with the few changes that KM made for eat eat man, good luck

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    Aight thanks alot for the advice, i cant wait.

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