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    sending back from Mex

    im going to san diego next weekend on holiday and one day we're planning on hitting up tijuana to see what the pharmacias have to offer...whats the best way to send back to the states? I heard ups doesnt do x-rays on their packages but do they even have ups there? what the safest route besides bringing it across personally...obviously id have to bring it on the plane on my way back so id rather send it via something.....if this post is against AR rules i apologize...if you can post a reply thatd be great otherwise a PM would realllly be appreaciated, thanks all

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    if you send it out of TJ it will get siezed ...

    better off getting in a cab Ask him to take you to a granero. thats a vetenarian supply your vet products and take them across to SD with you
    then mail them back to your addy...

    safer than that would be to mail them to Europe then back to your USA addy
    (hey you asked)

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