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    over 750mg per week?


    Just curious.

    If you are running test e/cyp 250/ml, how do you get up and over 750 per week?

    Lets say a fella wanted 1000 per week.
    That would mean 2ml twice per week. No problem there.

    Now if you are also running some EQ, then you are injecting 3+ml twice per week or do you split the whole works into 3 shots per week?

    Just always wondered as up over 3+ml seems like a bunch to inject all at once.


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    you can shot up to 3 ml in one spot. but i would only out that much at one time in my ass

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    with the eq i try to get the most ML = say like 400ml....if your test is 250 ml and you are shooting it twice per week - 2 cc one day will give you 500 and 2cc on your next day, you have your 1000 per week.

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