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Thread: adipose tissue

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    adipose tissue

    does anybody know about adipose tissue(the fat cells under the skin) I hear that you always have the same number and when you lose weight they only shrink. Is this true and is there any way to lose them without liposuction. I was just wondering this because I am now at about a 10% bf and ive been there for like 5 months and cant lose any more and if i mess up my diet for like a few days the weight jumps right up. I just want to get insanely shreded and I think that maybe genetics is making that imposible.

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    Brown fat is said to have a certain # of cells when we are young but not sure of it's validity. At any rate I am not sure of your age but 10% is pretty good other than that I would say it all comes down to the diet thing..

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    CLA has shown to get rid of fat cells! ask mallet. injectible l-caritine too.

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