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    Crap I'm sick :(

    I've been lucky and haven't gotten sick for probably 6 months, I've just got a real bad cold but it makes it hard to train when you suck phlem when you breathe hard (you're all welcome for the mental image) I find cold meds make me almost too relaxed to train, what do you guys do when you don't want to waste your cycle away and you get sick , even if its probably only a week max that you feel like ass.

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    I always just worked through it... As soon as I started moving some weight I felt better somewhat... Being sick really ****ed up my last cycle, i missed a good 3 weeks just being fuuuuked up....

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    you need to take a week off the gym and just recover, no sense in training cause it will probably just make you worse. A week off isn't going to kill you, and you might actually see your gains go up when you hit the gym again.

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