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    PCT blood test results back

    I went down monday to get a physical and get blood labs done. I did this last year about this time there was something strange comparing this year to last year. Last year I had never been on a cycle before and had not been going anything like tongkat or tribulus, etc and I had a testosterone level of 215 and cholesterol of 220 and triglicerides at 305.

    Now this new result taken 5 weeks after my last testosterone injection and I have testosterone level of 835, very high free testosterone, cholesterol is 162 and triglicerides is 188. Doctor asked me today if I am on steroids because the testosterone level is unheard of for my age of 39 years and especially after my blood test of last year that was indicating I was in need of TRT/HRT, and I told him the only thing I've done is taken tongkat ali and tribulus for the last 5 weeks. He advised me I should stop until they can verify nothing funny is going on with my testicles because my high testosterone levels could make prostate problems go crazy should they come up even though my PSA levels are zero and not indicating anything with prostate.

    I knew I was having a really good recovery after a 7 1/2 month long cycle, I just didnt realize just how good of one I was having. In the 2 weeks in the gym as I was exiting clomid, I was noticing a some good "grow back" of muscle lost early on in PCT.

    I dont know what you think but I think I see proof in my own blood tests of an approximate 4X increase in testosterone levels from doing tongkat ali.
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    That's good news bro, how did your cycle look like?


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    What type of Tongkat Ali did you use bro - I gotta get me some of that!

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