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    i need this cleared up

    hello all i have a question about advise usually seen here on ar. lets say someone asks about adding either deca (nandrolone ) or eq (boldenone ) in a cycle. most of the replys would run along the lines of deca for bulking, eq for cutting or deca gives more mass gains, eq gives more keepable gains. my question is by "MASS" or "BULK" do u really mean water? in this case if i use deca in a cycle gaining a puffy 25lbs or eq gaining a lean 20lbs wouldn't the eq be the better anabolic ? thanks

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    the deca is a stronger androgenic drug. the EQ takes longer to kick in and the gains are over time and probably more favorable. EQ must be ran for atleast 12 weeks for best results.

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    hop is right, personally i prefer to gain 10 lean than 25 puffy lbs, i hate bloat, i avoid at all costs, im not exactly lean and i guess thats why. But i have always said all this talk of i gained 800lbs on my first cycle is b/s. So bro best advice is, trial and error, learn your own body


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    Like OJ I have always been a big guy. Well now I'm down to 220 so not that huge now I guess. Anyway I always suggest deca to smaller guys who need a little bulk and who are so ripped the extra bloat won't effect them that much. For bigger guy who wanna get vascular and gain some lean mass with out looking puffy I say use EQ.

    I see ALOT of advantages from EQ.

    1) Higher % of gains kept

    2) No Progesterone to deal with

    3) No bloat

    4) added Hunger (can be good or bad)

    5) I personally have a better over all feeling on EQ than deca

    6) Makes you Vascular like nothing else

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    Okay, I agree with the guys, but there are other things to consider....they are just telling you the "good stuff."
    I guess I should preface this by saying that I can't stand deca because of the insane puffiness I get.

    One of the things not mentioned above is the affect of the particualr gear on your joints. Almost everyone reports better feeling joints on deca. By contrast, most users of EQ report "creaky" joints....with some reporting a beneficial effect instead.

    Another thing to consider is deca dick. I have never heard of a single case of EQ dick.

    A while deca can bloat you, and can subsequently cause an elevation in BP, EQ can raise the red blood cell count to dangerous levels. It is though your heart is pumping sludge instead of blood.

    The point....OJ was on the have to find out what works for you. I would add that the old addage about getting your bloodwork done before and after.....applies here for sure!

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